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Want to learn more about our brand. In this category you will find our brand story, Our Universe and more.

The brand

The brand DEA KUDIBAL was founded in 2003 with a collection of exclusive scarves and shawls made from vintage fabrics. Spring 2008 saw the launch of the first DEA KUDIBAL clothing line with feminine prints, playful colors, and flattering silhouettes

Our story

Founder & Creative Director. Deeply fascinated by fashion since childhood, a young Dea Kudibal was eager to learn the craftsmanship of design and sewing. She turned to leading creators of the industry with her sketchbooks and her persistence finally

Our silk

Our silk. Silk is well known as a luxurious fabric and has a long and rich history dating back to ancient China. Legend has it that the discovery of silk was accidental, when a Chinese Empress was drinking tea in her garden and a cocoon fell into her

How to care for your silk clothing

Silk is among the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics available and it has been a key part of the DEA KUDIBAL DNA since the very beginning. We experience that many people consider silk a very delicate fabric that can be a challenge to clean - howeve