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Founder & Creative Director

Deeply fascinated by fashion since childhood, a young Dea Kudibal was eager to learn the craftsmanship of design and sewing. She turned to leading creators of the industry with her sketchbooks and her persistence finally paid off when she was admitted sewing costumes at a theatre. Pursuing her passion, Dea moved to London where she received a BA in Fashion Management from the prestigious London College of Fashion.

Ambitious and with a dream to inspire and empower through quality and design, Dea started a small-scale business designing and sewing exclusive scarves and shawls. Her eye for quality and her innate sense of colour and print soon made her designs extremely popular.

Back in Copenhagen in 2003, she founded DEA KUDIBAL, which later expanded into the brand we know today - A brand that is continuously fuelled by Dea's passion for flattering design and craftsmanship and which has successfully captured the hearts of stylish women across the world.

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